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Jealousy frequently arises in couples who are new to swinging or those couples who have underestimated the power of swinging. Jealousy is when one apprehends the lost of affection or position from another.

It often happens when one get more attention at party and events while the other is left out feeling insecure and unwanted. Swinging is about equal fun and enjoyment for both to take pleasure in. Neither should be left out of any action. To prevent or avoid any jealousy, many couple will have a rule that they only swing together as a couple. This means that they will stay close to each other, chose together, and only will have sexual arrangement in the same room together.

Jealousy can be avoided in many cases. Here is how:

  • Have great communication between each other.
  • At all time keep to each others’ agreements.
  • By making reassurance of the love and commitment for each other before and after each swinging encounter.
  • Learn and be a good listener.
  • Always stay aware and take notice of any emotional concerns of your partner and take them seriously whenever it arises. This may include seizing any sexual activity at once or take out the moment to talk over the concern or problems.
At any time when jealousy becomes an issue for you and your partner, take the time out and work it out together before entering swinging again. Remember, swinging is for both to enjoy.

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