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Swinging is a choice for many married and courting couples where they view sexual intercourse as recreational social play with someone other than their friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband.

Swinging was born in the early 1950’s in the richer suburbs of America . At that point of time swinging was not a very common practice and the only way to meet other swinging couples was through personal ads in newspapers.

Up until now, swinging has become an increasingly popular leisure choice for both married and courting couples from all races, religions and any social classes.

Today many couples who are interested in entering such lifestyle can simply go on the internet, to clubs or organisations that specializes in such lifestyle and swinger's magazines to find and meet others just like them.

Although, swinging is said to enhance couple’s sexual relationship it is not always as simple as that. Before entering any sort of swinging lifestyle, couples must understand:

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